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It's Nice To Know That Other Guys Have Days Like This Too.

I did landscaping all day Sat. About killed my back, shoveling and raking and hauling 15 loads of dirt.   Kept glancing over at the motor home, wishing I was turning wrenches instead of digging dirt.   Now I am ready for the load of topsoil.   But I need to dig the drainage ditches first, and the ground is dry.   Also scuffed the grass with the de-thatcher, it pulled grass up and now needs mowing again.   I was so depressed cause I wanted to do some motor home work this weekend, and now I have another day of ditches to do.

So Sunday was motor home maintenance day by golly, but it went slowly.   I missed all the football and race stuff.   I took the hula skirt off the back and tied up / repaired the trailer wiring that was dangling.   Found the label on the Drawtight hitch, rated for towing 3500 lbs max with only 250 max tongue weight.   The frame back there is extended and did not look that beefy to me after studying it, still that tongue weight sounds low.

The 10 minute mud flaps job turned into 2+ hours.   Holes did not line up, bolts would not come loose, bent brackets to straighten, yada yada yada.

Then I tackled the leaking hydraulic actuator.   A 30 minute job that went bad.   The actuator mounts to the side of the jack, it pops out and spins the jack down vertical quickly, as the jack is lowering slowly.   Well, the old one did work but I forgot to try it before I started.   Got good and messy with trans fluid, installed the new actuator, it did not work.

Maybe I did not follow the sequence of reconnecting the lines or something, or was low on fluid.   Checked the one on the other side, it worked fast and great.   Undid the lines, reconnected per the instructions, still not working.   Pull it off, put the old one back on, and it now does not work.   And it leaks too much anyway.   So I took the old one back off, hooked up the jack straight so if I manually pull it vertical you can use the jack.   I guess I will try to send the 80 dollar rebuilt actuator back to Iowa for exchange, what a pain.

Put air in the tires and spare, that took about 30 minutes.   They are so hard to fill and check the air without losing more than you are adding.   The spare weighs 84 lbs, per the bathroom scales, only had 40 psi in it instead of 80.   Adjusted the wobbly hood, didn't help much; it is a cheap setup.   Backed it around the house, by myself, figured the wife would see me and come out to help, but nay.

Icing on the cake was changing the filter in the attic.   First, I had the closet cleaned out to get up into the attic.   But I got sidetracked on the motor home and forgot about it.   Hours later, I go up to crawl into the attic and the closet is full again.   I thought you had already done it, she said.   Crawling back out I lost my balance on the rafters and nearly fell off, used the back of my hand to catch me and something sharp to boot.   About the time I am getting the hand to stop bleeding, my nose starts bleeding out of the blue.   So the wife griped about the bloody bathroom that I left, wahhh.