'66 Falcon Wagon

I had a '66 Falcon station wagon in Bellevue, Nebraska just south of Omaha with a 390 GT, 780 Holley on a Siderwider, MT Super Scavenger headers, Lakewood scatter shield, Hurst shifter on a Toploader, Hurst line lock, airlift airbags, 4.57 traction lock gears and L60-14 bias belted tires.   Relocated the battery under the back deck.   Had GT rims on the front and in the back wide but stock looking rims with the little '57 Ford hub caps.   53% of its 3600 pounds was on the back tires.   Drove it to work and everywhere locally everyday.   Even drove it to Denver with those gears, although I did put on some larger diameter tires as I recall.   Time frame mid 1970s.

One Friday night I'm driving home, hauling my third load of lumber (to build a fence that weekend) with the passenger bucket seat flipped forward and lumber stacked over it and to the ceiling behind me.

I'm stopped in the slow lane of three going south at a red light.   A ratty looking '69 Mustang pulls up in the farthest lane and starts blipping his throttle.   As I was wondering just what he's doing that for, a late '60 Camaro pulls up between us and starts doing the same.   I start to giggle, these boys don't know what's about to blow them away.   I set the line lock and loaded the drive train.

The light turns green and they bust their tires loose.   I jumped out ten car lengths before they even start to move - lots of gear and lots of traction due to lots of weight and those light in the a** cars didn't have a chance.   When I shifted into third I shut it down, as they were still squirming around well behind me, trying to get traction and catch me.

The Mustang guy followed me home as he had to see just what the he** I had.   When he saw what I was carrying he almost fell over.   I didn't tell him for several weeks about the gears.

During an ice storm on New Years Eve in 1978 a tree fell right down the middle of that Falcon and crushed the roof down to the seats.   I still have the carb, intake, headers, Lakewood, line lock, shifter, and airlifts.   Maybe I'll build another one someday.