'69 Galaxie

Back in 1970 when I was racing my '66 7 Litre I sometimes towed it to the track with my wife's '69 429 4 BBL pure stock Galaxie 4 door hardtop.   One week it became obvious that I was not going to have it back together for racing like I wanted it.   But I didn't want to skip a Sunday at the track; we only raced every other week.   Nor did I want to go and get blown away in her car since that was all I had to race.

So I switched the Galaxie's 3.25s for the 7 Litre's 4.57s.   Kinda killed Saturday.

Towed the 7 Litre and took it through tech.   Parked and raised the hood on the 7 Litre and then put the front on jack stands.   Crawled underneath and back out a few times bitchin' about the shifter.   Just before tech closed, I ran the '69 through.

I didn't get any time trial runs.   Oh well, you can't have everything.   In the first round, I pulled up to the line and just as the lights start counting down the air conditioning compressor kicks on and startles the Starter.   I won the round and during the next round he comes up to me and asks to see under my hood.   I pop it open and pull the air cleaner and he asks about the AC kicking on.   I told him I forgot to turn it off. He shakes his head at the absolutely stock engine and suggests I leave the AC off.   I told him I might if I was racing another Ford but when it?s a GM product my 429 should have enough to win with the AC running.   He laughed and told me I was crazy.

I got the Pure Stock Class trophy and was runner up for the Pure Stock Eliminator and didn't turn the AC off for any run.   Ya gotta love those deep gears.   (I don't remember the times or speeds, sorry.)

My wife hated the gears so Monday night I switched them back.   It was worth it.