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  Shorty '62-64 427 long '65-66 427 long 427 Fairlane 390 GT 428 CJ
'57-'59 Ford, Edsel No No No ?? ?? ??
'60-64 Galaxie Yes Yes Yes 7 Probably Yes Yes
'65-68 Galaxie ?? No Yes Probably Yes Yes
'66-69 Fairlane No No No Yes Yes Yes
'69-'70 LTD ?? ?? Probably Probably Probably Probably
'67-70 Mustang Cougar No No No Yes 1 Yes 2 Yes
'53-57 F100 Yes No No ?? Probably Probably
'58-64 F100 Probably No 6 No 6 ?? Probably Probably
'65-76 F100 - F250 Yes 3 No No ?? Yes 4 Yes 4
Thunderbird No 5 No 5 No 5 No 5 No 5 No 5

Notes: Unless otherwise stated I have either done it or tried it and know it can't be done.

?? Unknown - If you try it let me know the results.

Probably - It seens likely that it will but no actual installation seen.

1. Shoe: Requires minor grinding on either the manifold or the steering box.

2. Driver side manifold modifed slightly to fit the 67-70 Mustang & Cougar

3. Mark 'Louie' Harper: On a F-100 or 250 they will fit if you grind a half-moon about 1.5 X 3 inches in the upper frame rail on the passenger side and remove the heat riser 'bump' on the header. No modifications are necessary on the driver side. Be sure and re-enfource the frame rail.

4. Mike Question: On a '68 F-100 with the Bendix Power Integral Steering Box use the 428 CJ left side exhaust manifold. Bob: I think the more common and less expensive 390 GT manifold would work also.

5. No factory performance header fits any Thunderbird.

6. Bob: While using the truck bellhousing to locate the rear of the engine I tried to fit the '63 427 long tube manifolds. They almost fit. The interference was at the outlet where they hit the cross member.

7. They should fit but I have not seen them installed.