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Shoe: is always accepting new members. is an almost free technical discussion forum.  This forum runs perfectly without any funding.   There are no fees or dues, and anyone interested in the FE engine for any reason is invited to start or join into a conversation (Thread).  It costs roughly a penny per 100 page views to keep Network54 banner advertising away, so we accept donations from members who occasionally choose to offer assistance in this regard.  If banner advertising shows up, you may wish to donate a few bucks when you get tired of it.

Signing up for membership to post a message at is a two stage process that can be tough to navigate if you aren't told what buttons to push.  It would be easy if the registration process was designed in a linear fashion, but the process jumps around illogically.

The first stage is to create an "account" with which gets you a login name and password that will let you log-in to any of the thousands of Network54 forums.  A login, however, doesn't make you a member of a particular forum, nor does it allow you to post in restricted forums like ours.  Our access restrictions were activated a few years back because of some chronic spam issues.  Becoming a member allows you to edit your posts if you wish, so the free membership requirement has brought more than just spam relief.  If you already have a login name for Net54 (perhaps from a previous attempt to register for membership), you don't need to repeat this first stage (steps 1 through 18), but you can start fresh if you want.

The second stage is to "register to become a member" of a particular Net54 forum, such as to this FE forum.  This forum can be found at both and  Once you become a member of, you can post and edit, and you also gain posting and editing access in the "FE Classifieds" and "FE Photos" forums related to (refer to text links at the top left of the webpage).

First Stage:

You might optionally want to skip these next four steps:

Second Stage

If the registration process fails at any step, feel free to email me at with the symptoms to help isolate the problem and correct it.  Sometimes, security settings might be set too tight on a PC to permit forum communications, and some simple adjustments can get things working.  Shoe