1966 7 Litre Convertible


I bought my second 7 Litre in 1978 from the original owner.   It's a red, 4 speed, black interior and a white top.   It came with no options beyond the 7 Litre package.

I've done a valve job or two, cc'd the heads the first time and had hardened exhaust valve seats put in the second.   Actual changes include the Sidewinder (MR 427) manifold, either a 600 390 GT Holley or a 780 Holley, 427 long tube cast iron Tri-Y manifolds, 2 inch exhaust system with an H pipe, MSD 5, Hurst shifter, line lock, gauges (amp, water temperature, and oil pressure), Sun tach, 3.25 traction lock and airlifts.   The cam is not stock but I changed it so long ago that I don't remember more than it came from Napa during the first year I owned the car.   I believe it is an hydraulic equivalent to the old PI cam; the specs are around some place but I can't put my hands on them.

I refinished the body taking it down to bare metal in 1987 and finally finishing it in 1995 with a new top at that time.   The body work was the first I'd done and it was very, very straight when I finished.   I did a lot of hammer and dolly work, used lead mostly, very little bondo, and I spent over eighty hours just block sanding it.   A friend shot the paint it and looked great.   Of course I drive it, so now it has some door dings and road chips, etc.

The factory disk brakes are so large in diameter that it requires a slightly different 15 inch wheel.   The front hub caps are stock 7 Litre since I've never been able to buy an after market wheel that would fit.   The rear wheels are Mickey Thompson mags from the mid '60s.   The tires are all 235R60-15s.

The interior is original except for the radio has the plastic cut back so I could reach the extra controls for the AM/FM/8-track/CB combination unit.   I've added a Sun tach which is mounted on the steering column directly in front of the clock.   I've also added the usual water, oil and amp gauges; these are mounted just below the ignition switch and most people think they are stock.

In 2001 I replaced the rugs and added a Hurst Shifter with reverse lockout.   It's the Competition/Plus, Hurst part numbers are: FXL-4-66, 410 0006, 121867.   Of course I modified the shifter for shorter throws.   They are about 35% shorter which was done by drilling new holes in the shifter arms as this mock up on a spare top loader shows.

It even a has a trailer hitch.

So it's just your basic, stock, big old, lead sled.

Here's the 7 Litre's photo album.