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The telephone line runs along the inside edge of the corrogated pipe for the drain lines along the south side of the property line as this series of photos shows.  The telephone line turns and goes under the shop slab just beyond the fourth chain link fence post (about thirty feet).  The last photo shows the east end of the PCV pipe that protects the wire ubder the slab.

telephone line 3 telephone line 8 telephone line 6

The power co-operative would not dig past the building's east edge so I had to dig this trench 3 feet deep the length of the building before they would provide power.  After partially filling the trench over the power line, I put a six inch corrogated pipe for the down spouts in the trench (which I extended past the meter box).

power line trench  /> 
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Power 1

The above picture shows the trench dig by the electrical co-operative for connecting power to the shop.  The new power line is going out the bottom of the photo.

Power 2

The above picture shows the white power conduit line to the house above the new gray power line to the shop with the broken water line on the left.


Location of the Septic Tank access cover.