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Hot Wiring A Standard Ignition Ford

Assumptions:   1.   The car you are trying to start is a 1932 to 1976 Ford product.   2.   The engine will start but you just don't have the ignition key available.

Step one.   Remove the wire on the coil coming from the ignition switch (leave the wire to the distributor alone).

Step two.   Connect a jumper wire from the battery to the coil where you removed the wire in step one above.

Step three.   Checkout the Starter solenoid; you will find two small terminals between the large ones. These small terminals are labeled one with an "I" and one an "S".   Pull the wire off one labeled "S" and connect a jumper wire.

Step four.   When you are ready to crank the engine take the jumper wire connected to the starter solenoid and touch it to the positive terminal of the battery.   The engine should crank, then start.

Note 1:   Don't leave the jumper wire between the coil and battery connected for very long as it will burn up the points and/or coil.   Don't run the engine for more than ten minutes or so without adding a ballast resistor to this jumpered circuit.

Note 2:   Don't forget to put the wires back on the coil and solenoid when you are done.   The engine won't crank without the solenoid wire and won't start without the coil wire.