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Identifying the FE and FT Engines.

The Ford Edsel (FE) engine was first used in Ford and Edsel car in 1958 as a 332, 352 or 361.   This engine family also includes the 390, 406, 427, 410 and 428. The medium and heavy duty Ford Truck (FT) engine was introduced in 1964 and came in four variations: 330, 361, 389, and 391.   Two of these the 391 and 389 are largely the same and since the 389 is uncommon it won't be mentioned again.   The 330 uses a small (3.88 inch) bore with the crankshaft from a 361 and it is of no value due to its small displacement and it too will not be mentioned again.

All FE/FT engines have a front mounted distributor and the spark plugs are angled like this: \\// on each side.   The fuel pump and oil filter are on the driver's side of the engine.   Most of them have either "352" or a mirror image "105" cast in the front driver's face of the block just below the head deck.

The FT heads, intake and exhaust manifolds are just different enough that they are unusable on the FE engines.

These engines have a casting date on the bottom of the oil filter mounting pad.   There also may be a casting number on the passenger side of the engine just below and to the front of the front freeze plug.   The casting number for the heads is between the center two spark plugs.   The head casting date is just inside the valve cover rail at the center of the head.