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Valve Ajustment Procedure

There is an easy way and the official, book way.   Forget the official way.

With the engine hot, remove the valve cover.   Using a remote starter switch bump, the engine over until the Intake valve for cylinder No. 1 is just starting to close (is coming up).   Adjust the No. 1 Exhaust valve.

Then bump the engine around until the Exhaust valve is staring to open (going down).   Adjust the Intake valve.

If you are slow at this or your battery is weak, drop the valve cover on and run the engine for a minute or two, to warm the engine and recharge the battery.   Repeat the above steps for each cylinder.

This works because if the intake valve is closing, the exhaust valve has been closed for about a half stroke or 180 degrees of crank rotation and won't begin to open for 360 degrees of crank rotation, and when the exhaust valve is opening the intake valve has been closed for sometime (360 degrees of crank rotation) and won't begin to open for 180 degrees of crank rotation.