Electrical Main Interior Panel  South Wall Electrical Panel

I designed the wiring plan and did all of the electrical wiring.  The main interior sub-panel is located in the shop next to the under the stairwell closet.  It is fed through the floor joists (from the top above the first floor ceiling).  There are circuit breakers on each end of the feeder to this panel as I did not want to have to walk outside each time I wanted to turn off the power to the whole panel while I worked on the wiring. 

There is a second sub-panel on the south wall which feeds most circuits on the south wall: two heat pumps, lift motor circuit, wall plugs, 220 volt utility circuit, upstairs wall plugs on the south wall (east and south Den walls, the two west wall plugs in the loft storage area and the plugs on the south bonus room wall).

The 50 amp 220 volt plug near the south sub-panel is fed directly through the wall from the meter box.  This plug is usually turned off at the outside breaker. 

Almost all wiring uses 12 gauge wire.  The exceptions are a few of the ceiling LED light circuits which use 14 gauge.  Over 1000 feet of 12 gauge wire was used to wire the building.  Wiring (220 volt, 20 amp circuits) was installed for two additiional north wall heat pumps which have not yet been installed.  All 220 volt circuits use 10 guage wire and have orange outlet covers.  All wires are labeled on the romex within the sub-panel with the wire's destination or use.

There two 220 volt outlets for future heat pumps on the north wall.  A future heat pump location on the north wall is between the exterior door and the door to the garage.  See figure WXY, below.  The second floor future heat pump is under the center window (see figure XYZ below).   These 220 volt outlets have orange outlet covers and are usally turned off at the circuit breaker. 

All cables in the panel boxes have the location or use of each wire written on the romex inside the box.  Usually the feed wire to a box uses the northeast corner of the box. 

Ceiling LED lighting circuits often use only 14 guage wire as each fixture draws less than one amp.

The top Stairwell light switch had to be relocated when I switched the side from which the door opened.

Original Exterior Yard light wiring Junction box
Exterior Yard light wiring junction box (just above the wall header on the left).  This circuit is powered from the original house wiring and this box was added to meet electrical code as I had to splice the wire.  The white wire running horizontaly is part of the wiring for the garage ceiling lights.  The hurricane straps can also be seen clearly in this photo.
North Shop Heat Pump
Future north wall Shop Heat Pump opening at lower left
South Heat Pump wiring

Wiring around the South Heat Pump.  Does not show wiring added for the wall LED light (added later) which was wired from above.  (This light will shine under the lift.) 
View similar to the Framing photo of the South lift wall.