Garage and Shop Addition

Original view from street.
Original view from the street (facing west)
Original view
We originally had only had a dirt parking area
Parking area
In 2007 we had the trees removed, fill dirt brought in to make a level parking area and covered it with gravel.

I added a garage and shop to our home in 2015.

We had been paying $200 a month for storage for my '66 Ford Galaxie, car related items and house overflow since our manufactured house had no storage space.  I wanted a shop, a garage for two cars and storage space.  I had nice shop in California and a house with a Bonus room over a garage when I lived in Apex, NC.  I'd designed several garages and shops for homes we had owned but had never built any of them.  I wanted a heating and cooling efficient building using 6" walls, two stalls in the garage and at least two bays in the shop.  The shop would need a high ceiling for a lift and lots of storage space.

There were some design constraints.  The lot is pie shaped with the south end of the house 11 degrees off of square with the lot line.  The lot slopes into the lake so an addition longer than 56 feet wasn't practical.  The view of the lake from the family room would be blocked if the addition was square with the house, i.e., the addition should be square with the lot line.  A 10 foot clearance was required between the addition and the lot line so the front part of the addition couldn't be wider than about 23' 9" and the back part 27' 9".  I also wanted the addition to start behind the master bathroom window on the south wall of the house so the depth of the garage was limited to about 21' 9" with a 34 foot shop behind it.  If the addition was tall in the front it would make the house look out of proportion. 

I created a sketch with a two stall garage in front, a two bay shop behind it separated by two eight foot high roll up doors and a standard door.  The shop bays were 24 feet deep with a 10'x10' work area in the back (southwest corner, a U-shaped (some call it a winder) staircase in the center and a small 7'x10' work area in the northwest corner.  Upstairs was a 15'x34' open Bonus room with a 12'x20' storage loft over the south bay and 14'x10' room in the southwest corner.  Additional storage space was under the upper staircase with access from the SW work area and over the lower part of the staircase with access from the center of the Bonus room.

I had an architect create a plan and the following drawings are what I got.

1st Floor Layout

2nd Floor Layout

The overall layout was fine but I revised some details as follows.

Parking area2
The south steps were removed and the vents next to the addition bricked closed.
Shop West Foundation 1
Foundation preparation pictures.

Center Concrete Finish
Concrete related pictures.

Framing related pictures.

Stairwell related pictures.

Electrical related pictures and wiring details.
Interior related pictures.

Power Line installation
Power, telephone and drainage line related pictures.  The broken water line is on the left.  The house power conduit is above the new shop power conduit on the bottom.

House with Garage
Exterior Finished, Fall of 2015

Health prolems slowed work.  For some reason, never determined, my throat closed to 5mm (about .2 inches) in November of 2015.  I could not swallow much besides chicken noodle soup.  Finishing the interior was suspensed until May of 2016 when my throat problem was repaired at Duke hospital.  At that time my weight was down to 128 pounds.  Lynda had been diagnosed with Alzheimer's in early 2015 although she denied any problem at that time.  She had a stroke in June of 2016, complicating her care.  On January 11, 2018 Lynda was placed in a nursing home as I had become too exhuasted to care for her properly.  On that evening,I got a kidney stone.  Due to complications from that my weight was down to 130 pounds when it was finally cleared up in late February of 2018.  As I write this in Feburary 2019, my weight is still only 145 pounds, ten pounds under my weight in the summer of 2015.  My strength and staminia are still poor.